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Top 5 Family Activities in Senegal

Senegal is an ideal destination for a family vacation. With its diverse landscapes, rich culture, and numerous activities suitable for both children and adults, the country offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Here is our selection of the top five family activities in Senegal.

1. Visit the Bandia Reserve

A Unique African Safari

The Bandia Reserve, located about 65 km from Dakar and near Saly, is a must-see destination for families. This 3,500-hectare reserve is home to a variety of wildlife, including giraffes, rhinoceroses, zebras, antelopes, buffaloes, and many other species.

4×4 Excursion

For an immersive experience, opt for a 4×4 excursion with an experienced guide. Children will be amazed to see wild animals up close, while parents will appreciate the guide’s detailed explanations about the different ecosystems and animal behaviors. It’s an educational and entertaining adventure for the whole family.

2. Discover Lake Rose

A Stunning Natural Site

Lake Rose, or Lac Retba, is famous for its pink waters, caused by a high concentration of salt and the presence of a specific algae. Located about 30 km from Dakar, the lake is a magical place to discover with your family.

Water Activities and Walks

Activities at Lake Rose abound: a pirogue ride, swimming in the salty waters, or quad biking around the lake. Children will love floating in the lake, similar to the Dead Sea, while parents can relax and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

3. Explore the Somone Lagoon

A Paradise for Nature Lovers

The Somone Lagoon, located on the Petite Côte, is a rich ecosystem with biodiversity. This nature reserve is perfect for a family excursion, offering a peaceful and educational experience.

Pirogue Ride and Bird Watching

A pirogue ride through the lagoon is an excellent way to explore the area. You can observe many bird species, including pelicans, flamingos, and herons. Children will be fascinated by the wildlife, while parents can enjoy the tranquility of the lagoon.

4. Day Trip to Gorée Island

A Historical and Cultural Journey

Gorée Island, located off the coast of Dakar, is an important historical site and a place of remembrance for the slave trade. This small, colorful island is rich in history and culture, offering an educational and emotional experience for families.

Visit Museums and Colonial Houses

Visit the House of Slaves, the Women’s Museum, and the well-preserved colonial houses. Children will learn about the history of Senegal and the significance of the island, while parents will appreciate the architecture and poignant stories.

5. Adventure in the Lompoul Desert

An Unforgettable Desert Experience

The Lompoul Desert, located between Dakar and Saint-Louis, is a small expanse of sand dunes offering a unique experience in Senegal. It’s the perfect place for a family adventure.

Activities in the Dunes

Families can enjoy various activities in the desert, such as camel rides, sandboarding, or simply exploring the dunes on foot. Spending a night under the stars in a traditional camp can be a memorable experience for children and adults alike.


Senegal offers a multitude of activities for families, combining adventure, education, and relaxation. From exciting safaris in the Bandia Reserve to peaceful excursions on the Somone Lagoon, every family member will find something to enjoy. Book your family trip now with Vakantie Sénégal Riu Baobab and create unforgettable memories together.